Hilarious photos of famous people admiring the good looks of Canada’s prime minister


The general impressions that we have on political figures are usually dead serious and their looks are often not impressive enough. However, one of them stands out among this group of people. 

Meet Canadian politician and current prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

With his good looks and charming smile, a lot of ladies must have voted for the 47-year-old politician.

One of the most famous events was when he met with the daughter of the U.S. president,  Ivanka Trump at the White House. Seated next to each other, Ivanka was seen gazing at the handsome prime minister and could not help smile as she looked at him.

Even Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge from the U.K. is fascinated by his good looks. Kate was smiling sheepishly and fiddling her hair like a schoolgirl as if meeting her crush.

Hollywood actress, Emma Watson must have secretly wished that this man was her high school teacher.

Hello, Obama. The camera is not at Trudeau’s face. Look this way, please!

Even the Queen of England was gawking when she met him.

This photo was taken at the UN conference. The beautiful Queen Rania Al Abdullah from Jordan must have felt lucky to sit next to Trudeau and take a peek whenever she wanted. 

Deep down inside Trump, he must have said, “I’ll agree and sign whatever you want me to sign. Please come by more often.”

Even panda-pair, Jia Panpan and Yueyue, could not resist his hospitality.

With those dreamy blue eyes, adorable dimples, and innate Canadian-ness, who wouldn’t fall under the Prime Minister’s spell? XD


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