Woman caused heavy traffic after stopping in the middle of the road to use mobile phone


If you are not a passenger, using a mobile phone while on the road can be deadly. No matter if you are driving a four-wheel vehicle or a motorcycle, such behavior should not be tolerated.

That was what sparked social media outrage after a viral footage revealed a woman using her mobile phone while riding her motorcycle on a busy road in Vietnam.

In the footage that was captured from a dashboard camera, the woman appears to be the reason for the traffic jam as she stopped in the middle of the road

In the footage, she can be seen looking unbothered by the inconvenience she has caused as she holds her mobile phone while other road users passed by

However, it was not until a male driver stepped out from his vehicle to confront the lady after he was blocked by her motorcycle

The male driver who can be seen wearing a green t-shirt pointed his finger to the right side of the road as he requested the woman to move to the roadside

He then tried to lift the woman’s motorcycle when she refused to move out of the way

However, the woman remained on her motorcycle without any signs to move before the man later grabbed her mobile phone and moved the motorcycle by himself

The footage also shows the woman being dragged by the man as she refused to move from blocking the traffic

When the footage was later posted on social media, many shared their thoughts and criticisms over the lady’s refusal to cooperate with the man at the beginning of the video.

Some commented that the woman should know that her behavior could result in a worse incident.

Meanwhile, some also commented that male driver appeared to be disrespectful towards the woman as he displayed hostile behavior towards the woman.

The viral video has garnered over 371, 553 views on YouTube alone.

Watch what happened in this video here

Credit: YouTube | Happy Share


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