World’s tiniest girl who stands at just 21 inches at the age of three


Three-year-old Liang Xiaoxiao looks as playful and cheerful like any other toddlers her age. However, at first glance, she obviously does not look like her peers. 

Compared to other typical three-year-olds, Liang is way shorter and smaller. With a height of 54 centimeters (21′), she is believed to be the world’s tiniest girl.

The toddler also weighs only 2.5 kilograms (5.5lbs), just 1.5 kilograms heavier compared to when she was born.

Liang was born in Huaihua, China with a weight of 1.05kg (2.3lbs) and a height of just 33cm (13′).

Doctors believed that the young girl is suffering from a genetic mutation that stopped her from getting any taller and bigger.

Liang who receives treatments at the Children’s Hospital of Hunan Province in Changsha, China is still playful and happy despite her being as small as a doll.

However, Liang still needs assistance when it comes to walking as her feet are still not strong enough to support her tiny body.

Often, her mother has to hold her if the little girl insists on walking on her feet.

In spite of her physical shortcomings, Liang proves that she is just like any other young children who get excited at the sight of toys.

The little girl easily flashes her cheeky smile and reveals her playful nature when being surrounded by her favorite bouncy ball.

Liang may be born with a rare genetic mutation but she has incredibly supportive and loving family members who are always by her side.

Credit: Daily Mail 


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