Man imitates sister for 20 years to make sick mom happy again


This man in China would do anything for his mother, anything, even give up his identity. Everywhere he goes, this now 50-year-old man would put on women’s clothing while out and about in Guilin, China because it would make his mother extremely happy.

Apparently, the main reason he would regularly put on women’s clothing was to imitate his sister who has long since died. Her death took a heavy emotional toll on his mother, who missed her so much it now has an effect on her mental health.

The old woman now has a looser grip on reality, and her son only wishes to keep his mother happy by pretending to be his sister.

Nothing but love and dedication for his mother.

Her death was said to have been caused by an illness, and it greatly affected her family. But, this loving man cannot bear to see his mother in pain any longer.

Due to the old woman’s age and mental condition, she is unable to distinguish her own son from her fake ‘daughter’, bringing great success when the son attempted to imitate his sister.

The situation is saddening: the mother smiles happily when she sees him dressed in women’s clothing because she thinks that he is her daughter.

Other people’s opinions don’t matter.

The moment he realized how happy he could make his mother be, he immediately continued to dress that way. Now, it has been 20 years since he started impersonating his own dead sister!

This big-hearted man brushed off criticisms raised against him, mainly regarding his own feelings. People have questioned his real motives for wearing women’s clothing, while some have expressed disgust over his practice.

“This is my personal choice, not theirs. So if there are people out there who are disgusted with my choice, I don’t care, this is for my mother.”

20 years is not a short time at all. But sacrificing his masculinity and masking his real identity during those 20 years was a choice he would make again, as long as he could see his mother happy again.


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