Old widow is about to face $2.5K fine a day for excessive trash and find strangers saving her from the sticky situation


Agnes is a 90-year-old wheelchair-bound widow. For years, a relative had been using her home as a storage and dumping ground. Every inch of her yard was covered with rusted and rotting junk. Eventually, her neighbors made a complaint and city council threatened to fine her $2,500 every day if the mess isn’t cleaned up.

At her age and with no one else around to help, even her house had fallen into despair state. Her roof was falling apart and animals were getting into the house. In the summer, her house would get sweltering hot because she didn’t have any air-conditioning.

Agnes’ rundown home.

Credit: YouTube/The Official 700 Club

With her husband’s passing years ago and barely able to walk, there was no possibility of cleaning out her yard by herself. Desperate for assistance, Agnes contacted Operation Blessing.Agnes sadly considering the condition of her house.

Credit: YouTube/The Official 700 Club

The organization provides disaster relief, health and medical care, hunger relief, vulnerable children and orphan care, clean water, and community development.

They agreed to clean out Agnes’ yard and tear down the dilapidated shed and trailer. They did exactly that—and more.

Agnes went outside to find that more volunteers had shown up. Volunteers that she never asked for or expected to see. Apparently, the team had called for extra help! Volunteers came from the local university and the surrounding community.

House transformation in progress.

Credit: YouTube/The Official 700 Club

After cleaning out her yard, the team of volunteers fixed her roof, built a new pathway to her front door, built a new flower bed and even installed a brand new air conditioner!


Credit: YouTube/The Official 700 Club

Agnes was surprised and incredibly happy to see her home’s transformation. The new path made it easier for her to enter and exit her house with her wheelchair and the new air-conditioner would be a blessing in the summer heat.

These wonderful people helped saved her from getting fined and lifted her spirits! Thanks to the volunteers, Agnes can now live her life worry-free. “They’re angels, I love each and every one of them,” she says.

Credit: YouTube/The Official 700 Club

Watch the video below to see her home’s complete transformation and Agnes’ reaction!

Credit: YouTube/The Official 700 Club


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