Online seller sends photos of himself modelling dresses to potential buyer and has rocked the Internet


When buying clothes online, what we received doesn’t always match with what we ordered. To make sure this didn’t happen, an ALiExpress customer asked the online seller to send her real pictures of the dresses he’s selling.

Instead of showing his customer photos of the dress taken on the hanger or simply a flat lay picture of it, the dedicated seller surprised her by sending photos of him modeling the dress!

Pictures of the online seller modeling the dresses he’s selling were posted in a Facebook group called ‘AliExpress and Ebay Lovers’ by a user called Andreea Patriche but was reposted on Reddit.

“You want to see it? Here it is.”

Credit: Imgur

According to the post, the user was looking at a selection of formal evening dresses from China which cost as low as $101. With low prices, customers will always doubt the quality of the things they’re buying.

“I found a shop that sold prom dresses and wedding dresses so I asked for real photos rather than stock photos and the seller sent me these photos of him trying them on.”

With his poker face, the seller looks comfortable showing off the details on the dress.

Credit: Imgur

“Maybe I should show it from this angle.”

Credit: Imgur

“Or this angle?”

Credit: Daily Mail

“They’re gorgeous, you don’t have to worry.” And they come in five different colors.

Credit: Daily Mail

Definitely can’t miss this backless detail out.

Credit: Daily Mail

Looking at his honesty and dedication in his business, a lot of people praising his sincerity and admiring his excellent customer service just to convince his customers.

That’s the kind of online seller that we need!

Credit: Daily Mail


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