Know your babies personality from these five sleeping positions


Some said that parents were able to judge their children’s character and personality as early as the age of 3, but did you know that we can actually assess babies’ personality from the way they’re sleeping?

These are five babies’ sleeping position and what it meant to their personality growing up:

1. Sleeping on the chest

Babies sleeping in this position shows that they actually feel that they’re in a safe and happy surrounding. However, this sleeping position is not encouraged as it is not good for their blood circulation and safety reasons. It can also cause blurred vision and cockeye.

Parents are advised to change the babies’ sleeping position if they’re sleeping this way.

2. Sleep with less movement

These babies sleep well all night long with their hands on the chest. They make less movement while sleeping and the blanket stays in place. When they wake up in the morning, the place they’re sleeping still looks neat and clean. Babies with this sleeping position are often good children who listen well to their parents, but they are more likely to be quiet and introvert kids. They feel less safe and easily anxious.

Parents need to pay attention to babies with the sleeping position by training them to be brave and encourage them to interact with the surrounding.

3. Starfish sleeping position

We’ve seen many children sleeping in this position, with both of the hands placed closer to the head and open feet position—just like a starfish. Babies with this sleeping position are often friendly and outgoing. They are active babies and likable by many.

Nothing much that parents need to worry about babies of this position, just develop their character to listen well to their parents.

4. Sleeping with a lot of movement

Babies with this sleeping position move around a lot while sleeping to the point of worrisome for some parents. So these babies will often be watched over while sleeping because parents are worried that if they’re actually cold or had something disturbing their sleep.

But don’t worry because they’re actually growing up becoming cheerful and fun person.

5. Shrimp-style sleeping position

Babies with this sleeping position often curl up while sleeping, making them looked like small shrimp. Most of them like to hold on to something while sleeping or otherwise they’re not having a good sleep. If they have nothing to hold on, they will hold to their own hands or feet. This sleeping position shows that the babies are feeling less safe. They feel that they didn’t receive much love.

So parents need to make sure that they spend more time with their babies if they’re sleeping this way so that they will not feel abandoned growing up and turned introvert.

These are definitely useful for us to understand babies better!


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