Loyal dog who saved owner from danger mercilessly poisoned by heartless human


Dog is one of the most lovable and loyal companions we can ever meet, but there are some ruthless people who will do the unthinkable to this devoted creature.

As shared by Junisa Erni on her Facebook account, her family recently lost a faithful dog called Kiki as it was poisoned by irresponsible and heartless individuals without any particular reason.

“We love you, Kiki. Five years with us, you did all sorts of things to serve us. As a rubber tapper, my father frequently went to woods to collect the rubber tree sap. But the collected sap often went missing. Fortunately, that didn’t happen again thanks to you, Kiki. Being in the woods, there were lots of snakes, rats and monitor lizards-but you saved us from all of that. You follow us anywhere we go and always make sure that we’re all safe.”

Kiki has been the family’s friend since five years ago.

Credit: Facebook/Junisa Erni

Always making sure Erni’s family is safe in the woods.

Credit: Facebook/Junisa Erni

Erni’s family is shocked when they found out that Kiki was poisoned.

Credit: Facebook/Junisa Erni

Recalling all the things that Kiki has done for the family, Erni shared that the loyal dog once saved her mother from danger.

“When my father asked you to look after my mother and take care of her, you really did. When she was almost attacked by the wild monkey, you saved her. You wait for us every single day, waiting for the fried rice we got for you. Now, there will be no more companion in the woods, no more savior from the wild animals.”

Even more heartbreaking, Kiki died leaving her puppies behind.

Credit: Facebook/Junisa Erni

“Why did they have to heartlessly poison you? You have puppies to feed, and they need you. I am devastated and very angry right now. I wish those who did this to you will pay for what they did. Don’t worry Kiki, we’ll take very good care of your puppies and train them to be just like you—loyal and amazing. Rest in peace, Kiki.”

Erni and her family promised to take care of the puppies.

Credit: Facebook/Junisa Erni

And raise them to be just like Kiki.

Credit: Facebook/Junisa Erni

It is unfortunate that this kind of heartless people still exist in our world.

Rest in peace, Kiki.

Credit: Facebook/Junisa Erni


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