Kind cashier followed elderly man in only shirt and diaper to make sure he arrived home safely


A woman named Lu Wei Xuan shared in her social media account about her recent visit to a convenience store in Tainan, Taiwan. She took photos and jotted down a heart-warming incident between the store cashier and an elderly customer in shirt and diaper only. 

Lu went to her usual convenience store for breakfast and saw an elderly man entering the convenience store wearing only a shirt and diaper. She guessed that the old man could be an Alzheimer’s patient, just like her father.

The old man came with just a shirt and diaper—wanted to buy milk.

Credit: Facebook/Lu Wei Xuan

The old man intended to buy bottles of milk, but Lu overheard the cashier stopping him by gently saying,”You can only buy 4 bottles of milk”.

Hearing this, she wondered why the cashier stopped the old man from buying more as it would obviously be better to the shop if he spends more.

Later, the elderly man insisted on buying a big bottle of milk and the cashier stopped him again.

“Okay, you can only buy this big bottle of milk. You cannot buy those small bottles, or else you won’t be able to finish them,” the cashier reminded the old man.

After paying his bill, the old man casually walked out of the convenience store. At the same time, Lu saw the cashier leaving his desk and quietly followed the elderly man back to his home. Apparently, the old man is a regular customer at the shop and the cashier is aware of the elderly’s condition.

The kind cashier followed the elderly man to make sure he arrives home safely.

Credit: Facebook/Lu Wei Xuan

He even helped the elderly man carry his plastic bags.

Credit: Facebook/Lu Wei Xuan

Ten minutes later, the cashier returned to the store after ensuring that the elderly man has safely reached his home.

Lu could not help but to share this cashier’s kindness on her social media. It has since gone viral as many people were impressed by his warm-hearted gesture.

Such a thoughtful and kind young man!

Credit: InspireStory


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