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You can now grow this Japanese white eggplant in 3 simple steps—it looks like growing eggs on tree!


Many of us heard of the infamous white strawberry before, but have you heard of the Japanese white eggplant? Just like its name, the shape of this white eggplant really looks like an egg!

This white eggplant is a hybrid variety that was introduced from the Netherlands. With white and shiny skin, the fruit usually gets to 8 to 13 cm long and 120 to 150g weight.

It really lived up to its name! They looked exactly like eggs!

Delicious and good for our body, you can actually plant these beautiful eggplants by yourself in just three simple steps!

1. Sowing

Before planting, the seeds need to be soaked in warm water at about 25°C and taken out after 3 hours. This is to promote the germination of the seeds and to increase the success rate of breeding. Then the seed can be directly sprinkled on the soil in a pot.

After that, we need to cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil—preferably fine sand and wet it. Place the seeds in a shaded place for 8 days to sprout, and it can grow a few leaves in only half a month.

You can grow these eggplants in pots if you don’t have enough space to utilize for gardening.

Credit: Feathers In The Woods

2. Watering

This is an important part of planting any kinds of plants or vegetable—watering. The plant will only grow well if we water it properly. When planting eggplant in the pot, we need to make sure to moisturize the soil and pay attention to the amount of water we’re using. Never accumulate water in the pot to avoid the occurrence of rotten roots.

If the watering is excessive, the leaves can also turn yellow and produce less flowers. Lesser flowers mean lesser fruits produced. As the temperature is higher in the summer, it is preferable to water the plant in the morning and evening.

Eggplants started to show up.

Example of an unhealthy plant.

3. Fertilization

Potted plants need good fertilization as the growth of the plant depends on nutrients in the pot. Typically grows in the summer, we can use organic fertilizers to assist the growth of the plant. Many households would recycle and use fermented rice water as simple fertilizer for this eggplant. Rice water contains a lot of nutrients needed by the plant and most importantly, easily accessible.

If the plant is fertilized and watered well, we can harvest around 20 eggplants in one pot! 

Credit: Instagram/Lluc

Moreover, we just need two months to be able to pick these vegetables.

Said to taste like cucumber, these white eggplants are high in nutritional value and good for health. It is believed to be able to treat some gynecological diseases and has obvious effects on the treatment of dysmenorrhea and menstrual delay. The white eggplant was also said to have a laxative effect to ease congestion.

Maybe we can start buying pots and seeds now!

Credit: Feathers In The Wood



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