Filipino man without hands creates intricate miniature toy cars from scratch


It is certainly unimaginable to live a life without limbs. However, for this incredibly talented man from the Philippines, not having a pair of hands like others never stop him from creating intricate mini toy cars.

This man instantly created a buzz on social media after Filipino photographer Denniz Futalan posted photos of him and his diminutive creations on Top Gear Philippines.

The talented man from Dumaguete City creates high-quality micro toy cars that are so intricate and detailed that they quickly capture everyone’s attention as soon as they see them.

Born without hands is never a problem to this handcraft master as evident in his masterpieces.

Just look at how tiny the micro toy is.

It is definitely far from easy to create and assemble the little details into a complete micro toy car but he manages to do it.

One might think that these miniature toy cars are made by machines or in the factory.

The truth is, they are all handmade, created from scratch by this amazing man.

According to Futalan, the man learned how to create micro toy cars from the owner of a digital electronic service shop in the area.

The mini tricycles or also known as pediboxes as the man called them are sold for $26 a piece.

For designs that are more intricate or bigger, the price can reach as high as $40 a piece.

Those who are interested to own this masterpiece can visit the art workshop which is on the second level of Robinsons Place Dumaguete or even customize the design according to preferences.

Credit: Top Gear Philippines 


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