College entrance exam top scorer draws attention for her incredible reference book and study notes!


As some students were just feeling lucky to pass college test, there are few students who would go above and beyond trying their very best to get a perfect score.

In some countries, university entrance examination is one of the most commonly required college entrance examinations. A lot of students aim to get a full score on the test as chances are the colleges and universities they’re applying will refer to that score.

When the names of students who succeeded in getting the full score were released, one of the candidates from Japan was drawing a lot of attention not because of her perfect score, but for another unexpected reason.

It turned out that her popularity comes from how amazing her reference books looked like!

Looking at the book that she used to study for the examination, people can’t help to think that there’s always a reason for someone to get a perfect score! The candidate’s reference book looked almost like she traveled the world for years and jot everything down in there!

The reference book looked like it suffered quite a damage and almost unrecognizable from the original form.

Looking inside the book, it was full with small notes and important facts got highlighted using florescent colored pens. 

In fact, the original reference book looked quite average, like any other reference book you’ve seen before.

The difference is incredible! It looks like a completely different book now!

After looking at the before and after photos of the reference book, many think that every candidate must learn how to study from this girl. Curious about how the student looks like, people found out that she turned out to be not only smart but also cute!

Such a beauty with brain, the girl expressed her hopes to be admitted to her favorite college in the future.

She studies so hard with the aim to complete her ultimate goal!

However, this girl from Japan is not the first person who’s receiving so much attention for her study notes. Previously, a 15-year-old female student from Nanning, Guangxi, China also draws much attention thanks to her notes.

Besides her attractive appearance, the internet was more interested in her amazing handwritten notes.

The girl has such a doll-like feature.

Even when writing with hands, her notes are neatly written.

Important notes were highlighted using colored pens.

This girl’s notes were written in a very clean and beautiful font on the paper from the start to the end.

As expected, this girl also scored first in her recent school exams.

Recently, the girl shared her biology notes, and it can’t get any prettier. Her illustrations were accurately drawn in vivid colors and the notes were neatly written in English.

Even her drawing looks perfect!

The notes are beautifully colored.

Learning will surely be more interesting when you have notes that looked like that!


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