Want to move to Canada? Now’s your chance—it’s planning to take in 1 million new immigrants before 2021


If you’ve ever wanted to just pack your bags and relocate to somewhere completely new, now could be your chance!

That’s because Canada has just announced that it plans to take in more than one million immigrants in the next three years.

Which means the Canadian Parliament will be adding almost one percent of Canada’s population as new permanent residents each year! 

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In 2017, Canada made 286,000 into permanent residents, and the figure is expected to grow to 350,000 this year.

And the amount of immigrants Canada hopes to take in will rise to 360,000 in 2020, and 370,000 in 2021.

Get packing, and you could enjoy stunning landscapes like this! 

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And this…

Credit: US Embassy & Consulates in Canada

Check out this view, though.

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“Thanks in great part to the newcomers we have welcomed throughout our history, Canada has developed into the strong and vibrant country we all enjoy,” Canada’s minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC), Ahmed Hussen said.

Ahmed, who is a Somalian immigrant himself, said welcoming in more immigrants all help offset the country’s declining birth rate and aging population.

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He also said it would boost Canada’s labor force.

Canada is also doing an amazing job at protecting refugees, and the IRCC has pledged a huge $5.6 million in support of global resettlement initiatives. 

Credit: Business Insider


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