She was just 5yo when stranger brought her back to the US. Years later she found out that he was a former congressman.


No mother would ever leave her daughter in the hands of a stranger unless she is really desperate. This is exactly what happened when Maya Hughes who was then 5-year-old was entrusted to a stranger by her mother, Zee Sesay 15 years ago due to medical complication.

Hughes who is now 20-year-old took to Twitter her experience when a complete stranger was willing to help her back in 2003.

Hughes is now 20 years old.

Credit: Twitter/ Maya

At that time her mother, Sesay was not able to find anyone else from the airport to help her out during an emergency situation. Fortunately, she found a kind stranger to her rescue.

Mom Sesay was forever thankful to that mystery man for helping her daughter and it was not only after 15 years later that she finally found him.

“He agreed to bring me—a screaming, crying 5-year-old he had only met 2 seconds ago to America.”

Without his name or any single info, Hughes later explained that her mother successfully tracked down the mystery man through a family member who works for the man.

Hughes shared on her Twitter that the mystery man turned out to be a former Virginia Congressman, Tom Perriello!

The former congressman, Perriello and his mother. 

Hughes amazing experience has since gone viral on social media and reached Perriello as well! The former congressman confirmed the incident and expressed his happiness when he found out that Hughes is all grown-up as one bright girl.

Such an amazing encounter!


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