Adorable moment when doting dad joins daughter on stage after she got stage fright


Unlike most ballerinas whose bodies are lean and slender, this father of three from Bermuda is heavily built with muscles. However, his large body build did not stop him from performing ballet dance moves on the stage with his cute daughter on the stage!

Marc Daniels is a lawyer and also a father of two-year-old Isabella and two other beautiful girls, 4-year-old Giada and Baby Suri.

The doting father obviously loves his daughters and he will do everything that he can for his daughters.

So, when little Isabella got stage fright when during her dance rehearsal, Daniels quickly jumped to his feet and gave her the support that she needed.

The heartwarming scene saw Daniels helping his daughter to go through her dance routine after Che Baker, the husband of the dance school’s owner Lizz Pimentel alerted him about the crisis on stage.

Upon seeing Isabella squatting on the floor with tears streaming down her cheeks during the dance performance, Daniels stepped onto the stage, still holding his youngest daughter, 7-month-old Baby Suri and joined Isabella and Giada.

Daniels said, “I was holding my youngest daughter, Suri, while my wife was downstairs helping backstage. Suddenly, Che Barker came running up and said my daughter, Isabella, was having a little breakdown.

“She was crying and calling for Daddy. I went downstairs to see her, but they were just about to go on stage so there was not a lot of time to comfort her.”

“When she got on stage she started to get a bit antsy, and Che told me go out there, so I went out there.”

“Rather than just stand there, I watched the other girls, got into character and went along with it.”

Daniels added, “I just wanted to make sure my daughter was calm and felt comfortable.”

Thanks to his supportive act, Daniels became an instant hit on the internet after a video of him performing Swan Lake-style dance moves went viral.

Watch the full video of him dancing ballet on the stage with his cute tutu-wearing daughters here


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