Teacher improvised her class for 1st graders to teach them kindness and respect the fun way


The lesson of kindness and respect are something that we need to instill in very early years of our age. With children, they are like sponges—soaked up every little thing they were taught. One amazing teacher from El Paso, Texas understands this very well and make the lesson of love and kindness starts at her very class.

Zelena Blancas is a first-grade teacher at the Dr. Sue Shook Elementary School in El Paso.

Credit: Richard Estrada/Twitter

In order to teach this important lesson of kindness and respect, Blancas asked her students to acknowledge and appreciate each other before they left school for home. She shared how she did it in her Twitter.

The internet obviously can’t get enough of the students’ new ritual and Blancas’s video has now being viewed for 20.6 million times! The video started with one student standing by the door (the greeter) next to a cute looking chart. Images on the chart represent different greetings that the kids can choose from—a hug, a handshake, a high-five, and a fist bump.

When each student leaves, they will slap any greeting of their choice and will receive it from the greeter.

People have been praising Blancas for her amazing way of teaching her students how to love and respect in a very fun and interactive way. Blancas introduced it to her students a month ago and felt that the class has gotten a lot closer than ever.

“I saw something similar online, and I thought, ‘This is nice’. I could see my class doing something like this because they are all very loving.”

Blancas and her adorable students.

Credit: Zelena Blancas/Twitter

“It’s something that we do every single day. We do it in the morning as we come in and in the afternoon before we go home. It has brought us together. They collaborate better now,” explained Blancas to Yahoo.

Such a fun way to learn!

Credit: Yahoo


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