Secret Santa donates $10,000 to heartbroken widower with 7 kids—he sobs and is overcome by emotion


A Secret Santa gave a bereaved widower and his seven children the greatest gift of all this Christmas in a huge act of kindness to lighten up their incredibly difficult year.

The mystery Santa gifted the Idaho family a staggering $10,000 for the holidays after Dakota Nelson lost his wife Ream in July, who was just 38 when she suddenly died from a heart attack.

Her death came as a complete shock to her kids and Dakota, who has since been struggling to work three part-time jobs to make ends meet for him and his kids, who are aged 1 through to 16.

Credit: Facebook/ Ream Alameel Nelson

“We were working in the garage, goofing around and having fun, and I came back and she just was dead on the ground basically,” Dakota told East Idaho News.

But one Good Samaritan decided to bring a little light into the Nelsons’ lives, and secretly gifted the family  $10,000—$2,000 in gift cards and an $8,000 check.

Credit: GoFundMe

The selfless gesture left Nelson speechless. He sobbed as he was overcome by emotion at the huge sum.

Credit: YouTube/ East Idaho News

Later, Dakota sent a thank you letter to his kind anonymous donor, which was published by East Idaho News.

“It is hard to write this as I am at a total loss of words. There is no way for me to accurately convey how grateful we are for this kindness.

“As I was surprised with the gifts, I looked at my kids—who will remember this event forever as the best time they had in a hard time. Thank you for being an example to my family on how to look out for the needs of others,” Dakota wrote.

“Thank you again for making this Christmas special. Again, I just cannot convey how thankful we are,” he added.

The Secret Santa isn’t the only one whose heart was touched by the Nelsons’ tragic story.

A GoFundMe account which was set up for the family has raised over $50,000 in just five months!

What a way to spread some Christmas cheer! We hope Dakota and his kids have a blessed Christmas together in these difficult times. 

Credit: The Epoch Times


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