Kind woman who feeds stray dog receives gifts from the dog every day as its way of saying ‘thank you’


Orawan Kaewlaiat is a Thai woman with a heart of gold. There is a lot of abandoned dogs in her neighborhood and she does everything in her power to help them. What she didn’t expect is to have the dogs feel indebted to her for what she does for them.

Orawan would prepare food for these dogs and feed them when they visit her.

Credit: Orawan Kaewlaiat/Facebook

Orawan would bring them food as often as she can and keeps an eye on them to make sure they are healthy and alright. The dogs wag their tails every time they see her but one dog has a very special and personal way of thanking her. Orawan named this dog Tua Plu.

Tua Plu eating the food that Orawan prepared.

Credit: Orawan Kaewlaiat/Facebook

Tua Plu and its mom would visit Orawan’s house where she would offer them something to eat before they return to the streets. But the difference between Tua Plu and the other dogs is that he never comes back from the streets empty-handed.

He always brings a token of appreciation for Orawan who provides him with food for sustenance. The tokens are things that Tua Plu picks up from the streets. He would bring a piece of newspaper or a leaf for Orawan, or any item that would fit in his mouth.

Tua Plu carrying a leaf in his mouth for Orawan.

Credit: Orawan Kaewlaiat/Facebook

Although Tua Plu is a street dog, he wears a collar around his neck. Orawan put it on him as a form of protection against those who cruelly enjoys mistreating street dogs.

Tua Plu’s heartwarming gesture has brought joy to a lot of people and some have shown interest in adopting him. Let’s hope he finds a loving home so he can stop living on the streets!


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