Single mom transforms shipping container into loving home to live with her daughter for just $4000


An inspiring single mom who was strapped for cash did the best she possibly could to make a loving home for her and her daughter—and we are seriously impressed!

Pics: Credit: YouTube/ Kirsten Dirksen

When mom-of-one Lulu from Argentina had to move out of her home in the U.S., she had a brilliant plan.

“I had to move out of the house I was living in, and a friend said, ‘why don’t you just build something?’, that sounded like a great idea,” Lulu told Fair Companies.

With just $4000, she transformed a 160 square feet shipping container, which used to transport items to and from China, into a living space for her and her daughter to live in! How amazing.

She was determined to make a brighter future for her and her daughter.

Pics: Credit: YouTube/ Kirsten Dirksen

“When you don’t have money, you just get creative,” Lulu said.

Lulu made the most out of the tiny space and made a kitchen, living room, and even a small play area for her daughter, which has a trapeze.

Pics: Credit: YouTube/ Kirsten Dirksen

With no experience in construction except once re-modelling a boat, Lulu took herself to the junkyard and recycled bits and pieces for her new home.

The determined mom recycled windows, doors, floorboards, cabinets, sinks and a bathtub and toilet, which are all in good condition.

Inexpensive propane powered camping stoves and heaters cook their meals and heat their water. Genius!

Pics: Credit: YouTube/ Kirsten Dirksen
Pics: Credit: YouTube/ Kirsten Dirksen

Lulu doesn’t regret the decision because her cheaper home means she spends less time working to pay for rent—and more time with her daughter! 

“The benefits of a container—you can move in right away. You have a house immediately. It’s pretty incredible.”

Pics: Credit: YouTube/ Kirsten Dirksen

“This was really a choice about how many hours do we have to our life, and how do I want to spend those hours?,” she said.

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