Hero cop helps couple deliver baby girl roadside—after stopping them for speeding to hospital!


A North Carolina state trooper had the shock of his life when a speeding ticket stop turned into him helping to deliver a baby on the side of the road! 

Credit: Twitter/ @TimABC11

The couple in the mini-van, Jimmy and Laura Baker, were rushing to the hospital at speeds of 85mph when they were pulled over by State Highway Patrol Sgt. Brian Maynard, who didn’t know Laura was in labour!

This meant that plans to rush to the hospital before their baby girl would arrive were out the window! It was too late.

Credit: Twitter/ @TimABC11

The desperate couple, who were now in the middle of giving birth, begged for Brian’s help—they knew they were going to have to deliver the baby themselves.

Credit: Twitter/ @TimABC11

“I was telling them the baby was in my pants and he needed to help me,” Laura laughed.

It turned out the baby girl was four days ahead of her expected arrival date, shocking the couple.

Brian frantically called an ambulance to assist them but as it didn’t arrive in time, he decided to try his best at lending a helping hand.

He grabbed a blanket and gloves from his police car.

Credit: Twitter/ @TimABC11

The brave officer called the whole experience both “scary” and “rewarding”.

Speaking to WRAL, he said, “I just relied on my training that I had been given during some of our classes.”

“I did the best I could do with what I had available’.

Laura and Jimmy decided to call their newborn baby girl Halyn, and later took her to a hospital.

Credit: Twitter/ @TimABC11

The five pound, 15-ounce baby apparently shares her birthday with her great grandad—how sweet!

Mama Baker and her daughter are doing well, Jimmy said, adding, “Yep, she’s good, mom’s good and daddy’s good.”

For his first time in helping to give birth, Brian did an incredible job! Halyn is reportedly perfectly healthy. Well done Brian!

Source: Daily Mail


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