This cute puppy doesn’t want to wake the kitties sleeping next to her—watch how still she becomes so she won’t wake them up


Can a dog and cat be friends? Of course! This super fluffy puppy just befriended three super cute kittens and their bond is absolutely heartwarming. They even mimic each other’s actions! But what happens when they sleep and one of them doesn’t want to?

They stay still, because that’s what best friends are for! The puppy is so thoughtful, she’s willing to just lie down with her kitty friends. You can see that all the kittens are fast asleep in the most adorable manner. Look at them raising their cute little arms!

Hands in the air!

The puppy is copying their position, but she can’t sleep a wink. So she just laid there, trying her best not to move, because her kitty friends are cuddling up to her.

The fact that she doesn’t want to disturb their sleep shows how much she adores them.

A little thoughtfulness goes a long way. In just about any situation, making the effort to consider and respect someone else’s needs aren’t just polite, it’s a way to demonstrate that you’re a perceptive, caring person.

They’re all sleeping soundly but she still can’t seem to sleep!

This adorable little pup goes above and beyond at being considerate. Just look at the precious solution she comes up with!

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