Dog returned with its friends for a nasty surprise and started to chew on the red car—it belonged to the man who kicked for a parking space


Dogs are usually calm creatures, they will not attack unless provoked. In Chongqing, China, a man found a parking space but it just so happened that a dog was sleeping in it. This man kicked the dog away without second thoughts. What the man didn’t know was that the dog has a revenge plan ready the same day.

After getting the parking space he wanted, the man thought nothing about his inappropriate action. The dog immediately left the area and came back the next morning with a surprise revenge.

The dog brought friends to the car that was now parked in his sleeping spot. They immediately attacked the car! One dog bit off the windshield, one bit the car edges until it dented, and the others scratched away at it!

The dogs are attacking!

Credit: Youtube

A shocked neighbor who saw the dogs in action managed to capture them on video. Based on the footage, it’s hard to believe that these dogs are stray dogs. They look much trained and seemed to know exactly the kind of damage they were doing.

The dog is biting really hard to dent the car.

The dog seems really focused, and his other friends seem pretty organized.

The state of the car after the dogs were done is jaw dropping. When the car owner saw it the next morning, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The dog wanted revenge, and he got it with the help of his friends.

Wait until the car owner sees this damage!

Serves the car owner right! Animals have feelings too. Keep this in mind the next time you kick away a dog.

Source: Independent


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