Beautiful 24-year-old Vietnamese girl who adopted baby with cerebral palsy accused of attention seeking—but it could not be farther from the truth


Good deeds have nothing to do with looks or age. Pham Thanh Tam, 26, was used to receiving attention in social media due to her beauty and youthfulness. During a charity event in 2016, she developed an attachment to a baby girl with cerebral palsy and decided to adopt her. However, her social media followers were vicious and some gave cruel remarks.

The Vietnamese media covered the adoption story, and a lot of people questioned her motives. People attacked her social media pages and bombarded her with mean remarks and questions. To them, her act of adopting a disabled child was just a publicity stunt to gain more fame.

Pham Thanh Tam first saw 14-month-old baby Thi Thuy Thi Nhi at a charity event. The baby not only had cerebral palsy, but also severe malnutrition, weighing only 3.5kg. It was love at first night, and Pham Thanh Tam decided to adopt Thi Thuy Thi Nhi immediately.

Look at the way she looks and carry the baby! So loving.

Credit: Smart Parents/Facebook


Despite receiving a lot of nasty comments about her adoption, Pham Thanh Tam did her best to ignore all of them. Instead, she focused on being a good mother to her newly-adopted baby.

From the moment she brought her home, they were inseparable. She was also very conscious of her baby’s health condition and brought her to the top hospitals for treatment, giving her baby the best medical care money could buy.

Now, it’s been two years, and Pham Thanh Tam is still showing off her beloved child. Thi Thuy Thi Nhi is now a three-year-old toddler, but she is much healthier now! Her malnutrition is gone, and she has gained some healthy weight.

She looks so much healthier now.

Although her daughter seems to be doing much better now, Pham Thanh Tam is not stopping anytime soon. She still wants to give her daughter the medical care she needs and it has to be the best. This beautiful mother also just recently announced that she is seven months pregnant, due next spring!

Beautiful mother and daughter!

Credit: Smart Parents/Facebook

Although the nasty comments hasn’t stopped, Pham Thanh Tam doesn’t care about the comments anymore. She would ignore them, and it’s the best response to those who questioned and criticized her. This is what true beauty looks like.


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