This big-eyed cat is adored and carried around like a baby


We just don’t see enough cats going for walks with their owners like how dogs would. They most probably spend more time at home sleeping or scratching your house toilet paper! However, there are also cats out there that cannot be separated from their owners.

The feline was seen carried by its owner with its body sprawled over his right shoulder.

And it would turn its head around to check out the surroundings from time-to-time.

Perhaps it is feeling a bit unwell and wants to be pampered a bit?

Cuddling and holding each other can be so comforting and therapeutic too if you are feeling a bit on the down side.

Take a look at how this cute guy hugging its owner so closely.

Or maybe the weather is so cold that it needs some warmth?

Whatever the reason could be, be sensitive to your cat’s mood when you try to hold it this way or your face might end up as a ladder for it to climb.

If you are training to your cat to accept being picked up and carried, always keep the sessions short, positive and calm. Quickly release the cat if it’s squirming or twisting its body around because it is giving you signals that,”Hey human, I’m done here. Now let me go!”

Too bad the video clip is a short one that we have to keep replaying it. We could not get enough of watching how sweet it is!


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