Dieticians have confirmed that the Korean cabbage can cure arthritis—and not by eating it


Are you a fan of Korean dishes? If you’re familiar with them, you must know that they love taking their vegetables raw. Favorite vegetables include green cabbage, purple cabbage, savoy cabbage, and more.

Incredibly, a therapy of using cabbage to soothe joint pain has been around for centuries. It has a miraculous effect on affected areas—it brings down swelling and heals sprains.

Professional dietitians have admitted that there are nutrients in the cabbage that are effective in soothing joint pain.

So instead of ingesting it orally, some prefer to take it a step further and turn the cabbage leaf into a healing wrap!

For treatment, you must first prepare the Korean cabbage by washing the leaves and drying them. The hard stem must be removed and the leaves should be gently pressed with a rolling pin to let the juice out.

Then, the leaves are wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in the oven for a short while to heat them. If you prefer the compress to be cold, they should be placed in the refrigerator.

Finally, the leaves are applied on the body part and secured with cling wrap or bandage to avoid the leaves from slipping off.

It should be removed after an hour and the process should be repeated several times a day.

If you don’t like to eat vegetables, here’s a good way to reap their benefits without eating them!


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