This adorable friendship between a man and his buffalo melts our hearts


A unique friendship between young Thai farmer, Surat Paeowgate and his water buffalo named Gold, has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide after their selfies together have gotten viral.

Their bond is unlike any other and they love to take photo together

Credit: สุรัตน์ แผ้วเกตุ

Surat posted the selfies to his Facebook page on November 11, 2018 which had since garnered over 31,000 shares.

Who knew buffaloes can be cuddly too?

Credit: สุรัตน์ แผ้วเกตุ

If you look closely, you’d definitely notice how photogenic and cheeky this water buffalo is. Look at that style!

Look at them going off to work!

Credit: สุรัตน์ แผ้วเกตุ

They even take baths together.

Credit: สุรัตน์ แผ้วเกตุ

If watching the fantastic bond between Gold and Surat makes your heart melt, wait until you see Surat and his other buffalo companions! Surat and his family lives in Chai Nat, Thailand together with Gold the herd. They are all in a one big happy family.

Even his family loves Gold!

Credit: สุรัตน์ แผ้วเกตุ

What a lucky buffalo.

Credit: สุรัตน์ แผ้วเกตุ

Seriously, how cute can these two get?! Viewers have commented that they wish to have a buffalo of their own now, claiming that the creatures look extremely cute and lovable.

Look at that happy smile on his face.

Credit: สุรัตน์ แผ้วเกตุ

According to Coconuts Bangkok, although buffaloes are a cultural symbol for Thailand and used by farmers to plow rice fields since ancient times, the Thai word for buffalo—“kwai” has a negative connotation and often used as an insult. Just like how donkey—“ass” is used as an insult in English.

Surat gave an advice on how to be happy in his post, “Live among those you love, do what you like. This is true happiness.”

Let’s hope to see more of their photos!

Source: Coconuts Bangkok


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