Hilarious moment when 6-year-old deaf student realizes that everyone can hear farts—teacher had to step in with the best explanation


First-grade teacher, Anna Trupiano, is a dedicated teacher at a special school that serves students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Due to her students’ condition, they would release loud farts in class not realizing that other people can hear them!

Other than teaching the normal first grade subjects, she also feels responsible with equipping her kids the ways of society to help them fit in better.

Just recently, she had to teach her kids about the most embarrassing human habit: farting.

One of her kids farted so loud during class one day that left her other kids rolling with laughter. The poor kid was surprised by their reaction because he had no idea that farts make a sound.

Trupiano shared a snippet of the conversation to Facebook.

Kid 2: *totally horrified* Wait, they can hear all farts?!?!

Me: Well no, Not all farts but some them yes.

Kid 3: How do you know which farts they can hear and which farts they can’t?

Me: Hmmm….you know sometimes you can feel your butt move when you fart? A lot of those they can hear. But if your butt doesn’t move it’s more likely they didn’t hear it.


Me: Hearing kids can’t stop hearing farts, it just happens.

Their conversation is downright hilarious!

Kid 2: I just will stop farting then.

Me: Everyone farts, it is healthy. You can’t stop.

Kid 3: Wait. Everyone? Even my mom?

Me: Yep.

Kids: *Laugh hysterically*

Kid 1: ….So you can hear and smell all the farts?

Me: Some of the farts yes. Not all of them.

Kid 2: Can hearing people see farts?

This conversation gets better. Who knew farts can be so interesting?

Kid 3: Yeah. Green smoke comes out of their butt, I saw it on TV.

Me: That doesn’t happen in real life.

Kid 1: What?! Ugh. I don’t understand farts.

“……I went to college for 8 years to have these conversations,” Trupiano joked.

While others may find the conversation to be extremely hilarious, it actually points to a serious problem faced by the deaf community.

“The root of this problem is that many of my kids don’t learn about things like these at home or with their friends because they don’t have the same linguistic access.”, Trupiano told GOOD.

It’s extremely isolating for these kids when their families can’t sign well enough to tell them about these things.

“I want to see a world where my students can learn about anything from anyone they interact with during their day,” Trupiano added. “It would be amazing to have that language access no matter where they go.”

Sign language should be taught in schools. That’s the best way to educate the future generation to be more inclusive towards the deaf community!

Learn how the sign language for fart is like:

Source: GOOD


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