The cutest bath time ever—these two babies splashing in their buckets and laughing will melt your heart


Do you remember your childhood? When everything was simple and good, it didn’t matter whether you were rich or not.

In this video that went viral in the Spanish media, two babies are seen sitting in their buckets and splashing about. They stand up just to sit down again, causing the water to splash around them.

Based on the scene behind the video, it is obvious that the babies’ families are not financially well-off. But these babies don’t mind.

They don’t worry about whether or not they have a big swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a stretch of beach, or even a bathtub. No, this comfortable bucket will do!

The fallen leaves, the sun, water in a bucket and good company is all they need.

These babies teach us that there is happiness in all the little things in life, as long as we stop to look and enjoy.


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