Young boy waves his hand in water to call his ‘pets’—the size of these stingrays is extraordinary


Lots of kids are perfectly capable and happy to take care of and play with domestic animals like cats and dogs. Some kids are exposed to the wild side of nature early on so they tend to befriend animals that others may call unusual.

In this video footage recorded at a pier in the Canary Islands of Spain, a boy is seen slapping the water surface with his hands and calling out to something.

It didn’t take long for the animals in the water to respond.

Suddenly, something shiny and dark broke the water surface. It’s a huge stingray!

Recognizing his call, more and more appear on the water surface.

He began to pet them one by one on the head.

A friend of his even came down to the pier bringing a basin full of food. He scoops some up and fed the stingrays with his hand.

He’s not afraid of them at all. On the contrary, he loves them.

And it’s obvious that the stingrays trust him.

They would come up to the water surface just to answer his call.

Animals in the wild are no different than domestic pets. Animals respond well when humans genuinely care for them and love them. This is a beautiful exchange. Let this boy be an example to other kids and adults!


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