Hero of the day—adorable little piglet saves drowning baby goat and brings him to safety


Animals are wondrous creatures. Their senses are sharper than humans and they can act on their instincts in a much quicker and more efficient manner. That includes saving the lives of other animals.

In this viral video uploaded on YouTube which has since garnered over 10 million views, a baby goat is seen struggling in the water.

This incident occurred at a petting zoo in Oak Glen, California.

The poor baby goat seems to be stuck in the water, and seems to be out of breath. While the video is being played, you can hear the cameraman urging another animal to save the baby goat.

The animal that rushed to the rescue turns out to be a little pig!

He jumps into the water and expertly swims over to the baby goat and nudges him.

The little pig pushes the baby goat to the water bank and back to safety.

The superhero of the day!

The cameraman then shows off the little pig, happily eating.

The cameraman is proudly calling the little pig a superhero, and this little pig deserves it!


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