Men build butterfly-shaped swimming pool from scratch with their bare hands—the result is superb


Having a swimming pool inside the convenient space of the home is a luxury to many who do not live in a high-rise building where such facility is provided.

The cost to build just a small-sized of a swimming pool can be quite expensive which makes many people forgo having a pool in their backyard.

However, even without today’s advanced technology, you can still build your own dream swimming pool that will barely cost you a fortune.

In this video, two men demonstrate how they build a swimming pool from scratch just by using their bare hands

Even more impressive, their swimming pool does not just look like the ones we usually see; theirs is in a butterfly-shaped!

By listing just water, mud, wood and other natural resources that they can easily find around the house, the men build the butterfly-shaped swimming pool.

The process begins by digging the ground. Without using an excavator or even a hoe, the men carefully dig the ground to form the base of the swimming pool

Having managed to get a rough shape of what the swimming pool will look like, the men later begin to dig the ground deeper

Then, they put a layer of clay onto the bottom of the swimming pool

The next process involves them layering cement onto the base of the pool by just using hands and woods to smoothen out the layer of the cement

It definitely requires much attention, precision, and effort to build one but these men prove that building a swimming pool from scratch is not impossible!

The end result is superb!

Watch more of the video to find out how the end result looks like here


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