Adorable blind and deaf pup waits for her owner to come home every day by sensing the smell of his car


Animals, especially dogs, have heightened senses. Their incredible sense of smell and hearing are the reason why they’re on the police force to assist officers in tracking or hunting.

For blind and deaf dog, Opal, her condition has forever altered the way she experiences the world. Being deaf and blind does give her certain limitations, but it also heightens the other senses she already has.

For Christina Bray and her husband, Opal has been a joy. They first met Opal through a rescue group in Idaho that arranges adoption for special-needs dogs. Opal’s condition was a result of improper breeding, but she is now 8 months old and this merle-coated dog is happier than ever.

Recently, Christina shared a video on Opal’s Instagram page that received heartwarming responses from viewers. In the video,  Opal was seen running around their front yard and sniffing deeply.

In some instances, she even stood on her hind legs, inhaling deeply.

She starts to bark and Christina guesses that her husband is almost home. Sure enough, the sound of a car is heard and Opal excitedly jumps at the gate and barks.

Christina’s husband unlocks the gate and Opal immediately jumps onto him.

It’s obvious that she’s been waiting for him and is sensing his arrival. Christina shares that Opal has been doing this every day and it is a joyful part of their day.

Christina says, “Okay, here is the video you all wanted again! Opal (deaf and blind 8-month-old pup) waiting for her dad to get home. She waits in the front yard and waits to either feel or smell his car. I don’t know how she can tell the difference because neighbors’ cars pull up and she doesn’t care. She then smells him and goes crazy. It’s very sweet!! Our new daily routine.

Without a doubt, caring for a special-needs dog like Opal requires loads of patience. But judging by Opal’s loving and loyal nature, every effort and step taken to care for her will be so rewarding and worth it.


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