This poor turtle got stuck in the mouth of a catfish—the pitiful animal was so hungry it was willing to eat anything


Hunger is a difficult emotion. Some of us can have our thinking impaired and behave irrationally. For animals, being hungry is a source of drive and motivation for them to acquire sustenance and strive for survival.

That’s exactly why they would pretty much eat anything when they’re hungry.

In Grapevine Lake, Texas, a turtle and a catfish found themselves in an extremely unfortunate situation.

Passersby around the area found a turtle in the mouth of a catfish, who, due to the size of the animal in its mouth, was forced to remain above the water surface.

Luckily, the passersby decided to help free both animals of each other. The poor catfish must have been extremely hungry to eat the rather large, hard-shelled turtle.

It probably didn’t realize that there was no way it could’ve swallowed it whole! The poor turtle didn’t realize it was a target until it was lodged in the catfish’s mouth.

The people carried the fish onto their boat and tried to pull the turtle free.

It was a difficult task because the catfish didn’t seem to want to let go of its hard-to-swallow meal.

But they eventually succeeded in pulling the turtle free.

Both animals were released into the lake. Hopefully, the catfish would have found some truly edible food to sustain itself and not gobble up anything that moves when it’s hungry!


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