Depressed goat returns back to its cheerful state after reunited with best friend donkey


It may sound like a plot from children’s animated film but a goat in an animal sanctuary in California went on a hunger strike for six days because he was separated from his best friend.

Named Mr. G, the goat is a close friend to a donkey named Jellybean whom he has befriended since 10 years ago.

Mr. G and his donkey best friend were both rescued from a hoarder’s home and the two were finally rescued after many years of being neglected by their owner

The owner who could barely support herself also owned a dozen dogs and one more barnyard animal.

After the two were rescued, Mr. G was sent to the animal sanctuary in Grass Valley, California. Unfortunately, Jellybean was sent to another animal sanctuary.

Mr. G was given a new home with lots of attention and love from the staffs at the sanctuary but the separation just did not sit well with him.

He refused to go out to eat and just sit in the corner or his stall for six days

Animal Place, the animal sanctuary that took in Mr. G ran a health test on the goat since they were worried that he might be ill.

However, when the results came out, it appeared that the goat was depressed

The staffs tried their best to treat Mr. G but nothing worked.

It was at that moment that they decided to bring Jellybean who lives seven hours away to the animal sanctuary

When Jellybean first arrived at Animal Place, Mr. G suddenly perked up and ran towards the gate to reunite with his best friend after days of mourning in his stall!

The heartwarming reunion saw him reunited with Jellybean once again after their separation

Nothing was more touching when Mr. G’s face lighted up and he ran with joy upon seeing his best friend, Jellybean

The two now spend their time together in the sanctuary like the old times.

Credit: Says


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