This 19-month-old prodigy can already count to 50 and read more than 300 words


At the age of just 19 months old, this baby boy can count to 50 and has learned more than 300 words!

While most children only learn to get a grip at reading and counting at the age of four or five years old, this 19-month-old baby has already learned to count to 50 and articulate 300 words.

In the video which has gone viral on social media, baby Carter Whiteside is captured reading words from place cards while at home in Charlotte, North Carolina

His proud mother LaToya recorded the genius baby casually sitting on a bed while holding place cards and read them aloud

One adorable shot shows the baby reading the word ‘are’ before looking at his mother for confirmation and continued reading

According to LaToya, Carter has started to recognise words and understand their meaning when he was only seven months old.

By the time he turned a year old, Carter has already learned to speak.

Check out this tiny prodigy’s mini reading session here and you will be impressed!


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