Nothing but warmth and cuddles here—these animals love physical contact as much as we do and it is downright adorable


How could anyone say no to a warm, loving hug? Not just humans, because this is applicable to animals as well!

It’s not what you think, though. Loving hugs are not just limited to household pets like dogs and cats, but to all animals on the spectrum. Yes, that means that even the grouchiest bear can’t resist a cuddle.

This video features a number of heartwarming hugs, from a goose running wildly into its owner’s arms, to the monkey who can’t get enough of kisses from a visitor. This will melt even the hardest of hearts!

Now this is a real bear hug!

Look at how happy he is to have his ear scratched while being hugged.

Even cows need some love too!

Who’s the cutest kitty? You are!

Come here and give me another hug. I know you want it.

This goose ran all the way to her master and jumped into her arms.

Look at this camel showing some neck-binding love!

More large kitties getting loved!

Lets watch this video of animals who love hugging


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