Cockerel plays soccer in the park—this is how the owner bonds with his pet


While walking in a park, we would often see many people taking their kids and pets for a walk. It’s a common sight to see dads and sons throwing Frisbees, families playing baseball and soccer.

Outdoor activities and sports are fun, and this tough cockerel definitely agrees. In this video, the cockerel’s owner, a fit young man, is playing pass the ball with a cockerel.

It actually looks like any common scene in a park, but the presence of the cockerel will give you a double take.

Turns out, this man has brought his own pet cockerel to the park with him. And it looks like the cockerel is extremely skillful in playing soccer.

Who knew a cockerel can be so athletic in nature? When the man kicks the ball towards it, it would flap its wings. It would fly up slightly and push the ball back towards the man.

Not only is the ball undamaged, the cockerel has got some good defense skills. There is absolutely no delay in his movements.

The cockerel is even fierce in his offense. Look at his clean and sharp moves!

If you have a tough cockerel such as this at home, you might want to start training it now. Their athleticism and sportsmanship are strong.


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