Adorable moment when puppy stalks a kitten and pretends to avoid getting caught—I’m not following you, I’m just scratching my ears


Have you ever met a person who would never give up? No matter how hard or useless it is to keep going on? If the shoe fits, you can definitely relate to this adorable puppy!

This video shows a puppy and kitten who are obviously friends. They do not mind each other’s presence and are not unnecessary violent towards each other. It’s also proof that cats and dogs are not mortal enemies!

The kitten is walking alone and the puppy is trailing close behind her. However, puppy is walking so close to her in a way that he doesn’t want kitten to know he’s following.

Look at the way he’s hiding himself.

When the kitten senses something off, she turns around , and the puppy immediately went into a full-on acting mode!

The puppy sits down and sprawls itself on the ground, and immediately starts to scratch its ear!

The puppy must have been a convincing actor, because the kitten turned around and starts walking again. The puppy dropped his act and starts to follow the kitten again.

But it’s not long before the kitten senses something is following her again, and the puppy began to act as if its been scratching its ear the whole time again!

Somebody please give this puppy his award already.


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