Video clip of talented boy selling souvenirs who could speak eight different languages — buyer was amazed and posted his clip online


If you have the opportunity to visit the famous Angkor temple in Cambodia, do not be surprised if you hear young locals greet you in your native language. 

They can be found selling various souvenirs ranging from keychains, postcards, books, t-shirts to bamboo flutes and bracelets.

However, it is not the price or the variety of the souvenirs that these hardworking boys and girls are known for.

This video clip shows how the child convinced a lady buyer to buy souvenirs from him while conversing in more than eight different languages!

The conversation started off in Mandarin, French and followed by Cantonese. The buyer even tested his understanding by asking questions in Japanese and Thai language.

She agreed to buy the souvenir after the young boy sang to him in Chinese with his sweet voice!

And he even counted in Spanish, German, Tagalog and Malay starting from 2:14 till the end of the clip.

The young chap persisted and maintain cheerful throughout the whole conversation.

Typically, children can be seen selling souvenirs at these tourist spots seven days a week from sunrise until late at night.

Thanks to their daily interactions with foreign tourists, most of them are fluent in a number of languages.

However, only a small number are lucky enough to go to school. They will attend classes but to return to the area to work after school hours.

Source: Facebook/Venus Gwc | Things Asian



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