Adorable dog steals and wears its owner’s dentures—the results are hilarious


Now, you have seen humans wearing fake fangs in the past, but we bet you have never seen a dog wearing human dentures before!

Twitter user, Eunice, shared her dog’s hilarious story a few months ago. According to Eunice, her dad wears dentures on a regular basis. He would only take it out when he needs to brush his teeth and when he goes to bed.

One day, her dad removed his dentures and took a nap, placing it by the side of his bed. Without anyone realising, Maggie, the family’s dog, stole the dentures thinking it was a chewy toy.

When her dad woke up and could not find the dentures, it took him a few minutes to figure out what had happened.

His dad and Eunice’s co-workers broke out laughing as soon as they saw Maggie and its photos!

The poor dog looked slightly uncomfortable because the dentures must be a poor fit.

Look how glad she is when the dentures have been removed from her mouth!

While Maggie looks funny with the dentures on, she definitely does not need it to look adorable.

Other Twitter users who were entertained by Maggie took matters into their own hands and even made a meme from it!

Perhaps Maggie can borrow from dad again for its next Halloween costume!

You can check out more photos when she has her own teeth on from Maggie’s Instagram.


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