Off-duty nurse praised for stepping in during a road accident on her way home


Not every hero wears a cape. For the man who fell off his motorcycle and tended to by a nurse, kind words and comforting company while waiting for the ambulance was all he needed.

This incident happened in Malaysia where duty calls for neurosurgery nurse, Nur Syuhada, when she witnessed an accident on her way home from work. The injured motorcyclist who was in pain immediately caught her attention.

Even though she had just finished her night shift at the hospital, she did not have any second thoughts to help the young man. She stopped her car and went to him.

She made sure that an ambulance is on its way and stayed with the man, seeing that he was alone and bleeding.

Photo credit: Tok Mat

She helped ease his trauma and stayed by his side.

Photo credit: Tok Mat

The ambulance has finally arrived on scene.

Other passerby stopped to help as well.

Photo credit: Tok Mat

Her act of kindness on Sunday morning did not go unnoticed.

The local Health Ministry has shared pictures of her on its Facebook page which has caught the attention of many Malaysians. The department also complimented her for giving a helping hand and her sense of duty.

According to a local publication, her kindness and empathy has even caught the attention of the Crown Prince of the state, Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim. He said, “I’d like to congratulate nurse Nur Syuhada from Sultanah Aminah Hospital for setting a good example. This is an example of pure-hearted heroes, always ready to serve even though it is outside their working hours.”


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