Man’s best friend are also man’s best aids—these dogs are helping with the house chores and it’s absolutely adorable


Dogs are intelligent pets. Some people find dogs who are potty-trained and good at playing fetch to be trained well enough, but do you know that they actually have a larger learning capacity and can take in so much more than that? With systematic training and lots of patience, you can even have them help out with the house chores!

In the video, you can tell that the featured dogs all have different personalities yet are still well behaved and very helpful.

These two dogs are so cute—assisting their owner in pushing his car when it ran out of gas.

The video also features a farm dog looking so enthusiastic. He really wants to make sure the hay is spread out!

This man is trying to shovel snow and his dogs are doing their best to help him using a Frisbee. They are definitely inefficient, but his owner doesn’t mind.

Another dog looks quick! Her owner just removed a huge piece of flooring for new construction, and she’s bringing it outside because he told her to.

Farm dogs are so obedient! His owner told him to break up two fighting cockerels and he broke them up gently but sternly.

Dogs are not everyone’s cup of tea. But if they are cared for and trained properly, they will truly contribute happiness in your life. Their loyalty and love for their masters are unmatched.


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