Hilarious moment when Great Dane guard dog is caught sleeping while on the job by his owner


Despite their huge size, Great Danes are loved by many for their gentle and loyal character. They can be fierce when dealing with strangers, which makes them the perfect guard dogs in family homes. But what happens when the house is empty and not under any threats?

Meet Nilo, a Great Dane from Brazil. While his family is away and he has the home all to himself, he loves to take long naps in his owner’s hammock.

In this infinitely charming video taken by Nilo’s owner, João Carlos, the viewer can see how Carlos came home from work to a rather quiet house, walking to the backyard, and finding Nilo the Great Dane fast asleep in the hammock!

You can see how comfortable and at peace he is by the way he is stretched out on the hammock.

You can also hear Carlos lightly scolding him but he remains unmoving in the hammock.

It gets funnier as he stretches himself a few times even while Carlos is lightly scolding him.

He looks completely sleepy and unbothered!

At the end of the video, Carlos finally persuades Nilo to go back to sleep by rocking the hammock.

Even with Carlos’ good-natured ribbing, it still takes Nilo several more minutes to move from his cozy spot and get back to “work”. Let’s hope that Nilo would continue improving in a being a good house guard!


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