Jaw-dropping realistic 3D art on streets take pedestrians by surprise


Naturally, if you see a hole in the road, you would want to avoid it. All around the world, artists are painting extraordinarily convincing holes on roads until it made pedestrians think twice on crossing!

However, these artists are not limiting their art to only holes. They have extended their skills to include various subject matters including bridges, gateways, underground worlds, and much more.

Each painting is so delicate and lifelike, you can’t help but want to jump in.

Special exhibitions have also been held to promote these beautiful artworks.

The paintings all have a strong sense of three-dimensionality, just like any other physical object, and they are drawn in vivid style.

The artists have used the principle of plane perspective to create a virtual three-dimensional effect visually, tricking the viewers’ eye and causing the paintings to look highly convincing.

These paintings are different from the common 2D paintings which are flat and lacking depth.

Moreover, 3D paintings are breaking barriers between the common people and art galleries, as 3D paintings are much-loved in public.

3D paintings originated in 16th century Italy, during the onset of the Renaissance. During this time, painters strived to create large, convincing artwork on walls and ceilings, to create an illusion of a different world from the viewers’ perspective.

These street paintings are a fun, modern way of enjoying 3D art, regardless of the viewers’ background and knowledge. Be careful when crossing!


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