Scary moment when toddler suddenly falls into pool without anyone realizing—astonishingly does not drown


Babies are naturally curious. They are highly sensitive to changes in their environment. They must also be constantly supervised, to avoid any accidents from occurring.

However, accidents are prone to happen anytime, anywhere.

A video shows a man exiting a room with an indoor pool. His dog pushes open the door and leaves with the man.

Next, a young toddler is seen going out from the open door, without anyone supervising him.

He is attracted to the wide swimming pool right in front of him.

He moved slowly to the pool until he is right at the edge.

Suddenly, the baby fell deep into the pool.

What happened next was an incredible change.

The baby started to skillfully kick and sway in the water.

The baby then turned around and began to float.

It’s obvious that the baby is comfortable and enjoys being in the water.

The camera pans out and shows the baby’s father at the edge of the pool. Once the baby has floated to him, he picked up his baby.

Both of them are enjoying their time swimming in the water.

Babies, after being in their mothers’ womb for nine months before being born, are naturally equipped with the ability to swim. Being surrounded by water is a natural environment for them. They have an amazing natural instinct to move their limbs and swim.

Babies are wonderful creations. They can swim before they even learn to crawl, walk and talk.


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