The greatest American invention—the Grub Tub—is changing international fast food scenes by allowing users to eat and drink with only one hand


It is without a doubt that all human inventions are created to ease our lives, to the extent that we are now mashing old items to introduce new concepts that make our current lifestyle slightly more convenient.

The greatest invention in American history currently flooding Instagram posts—called the Grub Tub—is taking the fast food scene by storm.

The idea for the Grub Tub was born from the American stadium culture and fast food culture. Both of these are not mutually exclusive to each other, but they often coexist side-by-side until it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

It all started when Richard Pola and Omar Khalid went to watch a ball game together. Pola’s food fell in his lap, and when he stood up, someone stepped on his food.

This led him to design food containers that could hold both food and drink so that users can handle their food confidently at any game or event.

Due to the much-loved high calorie diet that a majority of Americans enjoy, the emergence of the Grub Tub is greatly appreciated.

It sports a convenient and easy-to-carry design, whether for watching games in stadiums or at home.

Not only is the Grub Tub considered to be a great invention for Americans, but Asian countries have also expressed excitement over it.

The company that created the Grub Tub also designed three different types of Grub Tub for 7-Eleven.

Now, eating fried chicken, chips, burgers or hot dogs with a drink in your hand has gotten easier than ever!


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