Emotional moment when bride-to-be dons wedding dress to fiancé’s grave on what was supposed to be the day of their wedding


Every young girl must have imagined what their wedding day would be like. They would picture their gorgeous wedding dress, the romantic setting and their grand wedding ceremony.

For Jessica Padgett, her dream of marrying the love of her life did not come true.

Kendall Murphy, Jessica’s fiancé, was killed by an alleged drunk driver in a crash when he responded to a distress call on duty as a volunteer firefighter last November.

On 29th September, the scheduled day of the wedding, Jessica decided to go through with the wedding in another way.

She invited photographer, Mandi Knepp, to record special photos of her with Murphy’s boots, and other items together with their families to celebrate the occasion.

Jessica wore an elegant, white wedding dress for the special day. She prepared sunflowers as planned in the original wedding plan and invited Murphy’s parents. They even brought their son’s favourite boots to be photographed with the bride.

Jessica carried a framed photo of Murphy throughout the photography session.

She looks deeply saddened by the loss of her fiancé, but she pushes herself to be strong.

The two-hour photography session drew the support and presence of friends and family, who came to celebrate the planned day of the wedding. Despite the loss of her fiancé, she still managed to give a warm smile for the camera.

Mandi, the photographer, recently shared the photos to her Facebook account.

This photo of Jessica at Murphy’s grave, drew messages of sympathy and support.

To those who have or are going through the pain of losing a loved one, please know that you are not alone in this, and that someday you will meet again with your loved ones.


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