Suspenseful footage of brave rescuers trying to rescue dog trapped in flood


Peak monsoon season between August and October sees millions of people in Southeast Asia trapped in severe floodings caused by heavy rains and storms.

Unfortunately, extreme weather has also caused livestock and other animals to be trapped in neck-high water.

The same also happens in Kerala, India where the state observed what would be the worst flood ever occurred in the country’s southern state.

400 have died in the worst floods that India has seen in a century and thousands of animals trapped in flood waters including dogs and snakes.

Strong current and heavy rains prove some of the major challenges that rescuers face to rescue these trapped animals.

As seen in the video, one dog is barely surviving in the strong current as the rescuers attempt to rescue it

The hair-raising footage shows the dog trying its best to not be swept away by the water.

Even though the surging water is terribly dangerous for the rescuers, the men continue their rescue mission to save the dog

While the man who wears a black shirt advances through the strong current to grab the canine, the other three men firmly grasp the man’s arm from behind

At one moment, the man in the black shirt seems to lose his balance but he quickly stands up to brace the strong current


The dog which is aware of the men’s effort to rescue it even tries its best to swim against the water to make its way to the rescuers

The video ends with the dog being successfully rescued by the men

Watch the footage of the rescuers trying to save the trapped dog here


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