Heart-wrenchingly endearing pictures of the most misunderstood dog in the world—the French bulldog


A lot of people have misconceptions about the French bulldog, a small breed of domestic dog.

It has a wrinkled face where some seem to think is ugly, and therefore undesirable as a pet. However, this is far from the truth. The French bulldog is actually one of the loveliest in the world.

Below are a few photos of these beautiful dogs taken from Instagram that will melt your heart and make your day.

Master! Play with me!

If I drink this cup of coffee, will my master love me more?

Master! Food! Now!

The weather is so cold, I want to sleep…

I love you, master!

Thank you, master for covering me with a blanket when it’s cold.

Going out to play, so happy!

 I love popsicles too! Especially strawberry. Om nom nom.

Am I a dog, or a moose?

Master, I have come to you! Now play with me!

Be honest! Which one is cuter?

How did my life turn out this way…

Look at my new clothes!

*Silently judging you*

Did someone say snacks!!!

People also say that French bulldogs are difficult to raise due to their weak respiratory system. This means that they are not as active or aggressive as other dogs.

If you are not keen on running or jogging and prefer to stay indoors, the French bulldog is the perfect dog for you!


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