Astrobiologist reveals why it is impossible to eat outside in Concordia, Antartica where the temperature is as low as -80°C


While most people have the luxury to eat out with a plethora of options for their lunch break, glaciologist and astrobiologist Cyprien Verseux does not have the same experience.

Working in the Earth’s most isolated and inhospitable area, Concordia in Antartica requires Verseux and his team to cook their own food.

However, there is one problem; the surrounding temperature is too cold!

The temperature in Concordia can reach up to -80°C during winter, extremely cold that the team has to forgo having hot meals, let alone a barbeque session at night

The air is extremely dry and the temperature is way too cold that even bacteria cannot survive.

Verseux knows what he signs up for when he heads to the base at the first time but he never expects that the inhospitable desert will turn food in the deep freeze.

One day, he decides to just have fun at ‘cooking’ and takes photos of what his meal will turn to and the result is absolutely surprising!

The extreme temperature in Antartica is well-documented in Verseux’s gravity-defying meal photos

When it becomes slightly warmer at -70°C, it is still a little bit chilly to eat outside

He cannot even crack open an egg without it being frozen mid-air!

Verseux’s typical ‘well-balanced’ breakfast in Concordia

During winter, his team usually runs out of fresh food as it is impossible to reach the base during the winter. So, from early February to early November, they usually have to resort to eating frozen meals.

Nevertheless, the Antartic base offers one of the most stunning night views on Earth that he and his team will never trade for something else

Credit: Bored Panda | Twitter/@Cyprien Verseux


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